Deployment Physical Exams

Whether you’re a civilian deploying for the U.S. Government, a DoD contractor or being deployed by your company for long term civilian work in remote areas of the world, you and the company you work for likely have contractually dictated medical requirements to meet. U.S. Government and DoD contractors requirements are often determined by U.S. Central Command Individual Protection and Individual Unit Deployment Policy (currently MOD 12). Deployments to different regions in the world will have different requirements. In addition, even civilian contracts have requirements in place to ensure that individuals deploying under the contract are medically fit to be in remote areas for extended periods of time. The Travel and Immunization Clinic of Portland can assist both the individual deploying personnel and the company in meeting these requirements.

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Deployment Assessments for U.S. Government Contractors and Civilians:

All DoD contractors require documentation of medical fitness to deploy. Not only is this a comprehensive medical screening process including immunization, the documentation requires an extreme attention to detail. At the Travel and Immunization Clinic of Portland we pride ourselves on excelling at both.

While MOD 12 is the standard often utilized, other regions of the world have different requirements. We have in depth knowledge of all U.S. Military Areas of Operation. For employers, TICP will work with you to ensure your employees are fit for as few or as many areas of operations that you require, giving you tremendous flexibility in deploying your personnel.

Civilian employees also require medical clearance before deploying overseas. While most of the requirements are similar to contractors, there are significant differences. By visiting the Travel and Immunization clinic of Portland for your examination, you will ensure receipt of exactly the level of exam and diagnostic tests required in the region you will deploy to.

All immunizations, including Anthrax

Full Pre and Post Deployment Assessments

Tuberculosis blood testing or skin testing can be performed

Site visits available for employers needing group processing

Prescriptions to prevent malaria and treat travelers’ diarrhea

All lab work required

Audiometric Testing

DNA collection



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