Lab Services and Prices

If it’s labs or vaccinations that you need, the Travel & Immunization Clinic of Portland is here to help you! Whether you need care for a trip abroad, or if you simply need to fulfill some requirements for work or school right here at home, we are prepared to provide you with impeccable, timely service. If it’s proof of immunity or bloodwork that you need, we can draw up those labs quickly and efficiently, and for most labs, have the results back to you in a matter of days.

If there are medical requirements for a jobsite or new program that you need, our clinicians can help assess what those requirements are and walk you through the process. Of course, different organizations require different items, so it’s best to bring that paperwork with you to your appointment, and we can help you sort through it and get you ready.

In the US, the leading authority for vaccines is the Center for Disease Control. For the most up-to-date information on specific vaccines, see their website at Labs available at the Travel & Immunization Clinic of Portland:

Lab Services and Prices Available at the Travel and Immunization Clinic of Portland

Labs Price
ABO/Blood Type $56.72
CBC $45.50
Complete Metabolic Panel $44.02
G6PD $109.62
Hepatitis A Titer $89.59
Hepatitis B Titer $79.41
Hepatitis C Titer $99.75
HIV Test $70.16
Lipid Panel $62.12
Measles (Rubeola) Titer $66.09
Mumps Titer $80.11
Pregnancy Test – Blood $40.90
Pregnancy Test – Urine $29.00
Prostate Specific Antigen $84.47
Rabies Titer $118.27
Syphilis Test $60.80
Rubella Titer $73.94
TB Quantiferon Gold Test $172.71
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone $42.50
Varicella IGG Antibody $70.00
Venipuncture** $20.82

Additional labs are available upon request. Please call us for availability and pricing of specific labs or testing needed.
**One Venipuncture charge will apply per patient when labs are drawn