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Helping in Haiti

Devastated by the 2010 earthquake, and still suffering from the ensuing Cholera outbreak, Haiti was again hit hard by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Natural disasters coupled with political strife and crumbling infrastructure have left this tropical island with virtually none of it’s former tourism economy. Humanitarian organizations are the most common visitors to Haiti now.
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  • Posted on 13 Apr
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Belize: A Tropical Retreat

Belize is consistently rated among the top destinations for those seeking a tropical getaway, and for good reason. Clear turquoise waters, world-class diving and snorkeling, friendly people and beautiful scenery are just part of what makes Belize special. Most flights from the US will fly into Belize City on the mainland. For our trip, my
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  • Posted on 18 Jan
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The Zika Virus

ZIKA is quickly becoming one of the top concerns for international travelers. Read about why and what you can do to protect yourself.

Adventures in Peru

From rafting trip down the Urubamba River and exploring Machu Picchu, to exploring the catacombs and the Sacred Valley... This was one adventure we would never forget!

Measles Outbreaks – Do we need to worry about it?

Measles transmission had been thought to be minimized in the United States though vaccination, but it is still common in many parts of the world, including Europe. Travelers who have not been vaccinated are at risk of getting the disease and spreading it to their friends and family members who may not be up-to-date with vaccinations. Because of this risk, all travelers should be up-to-date on their vaccinations, regardless of where they are going.

Be Prepared – Avoid the Flu

When you think of the flu – what do you think of? Fever, runny nose, coughing, a big box of tissues and mostly feeling completely miserable! It doesn’t have to be that way – you do have a way to quickly get some protection so that even if you “catch” something – maybe you are not as ill, and for a much shorter period of time.

Do you have a COVID testing requirement for air or other travel?  We can provide expedited testing.  Contact us for more information.