Humanitarian Travel

Preparing to care for others also means taking care of yourself before you leave for your destination – and a big part of that is being prepared for the trip ahead of you. There may be vaccination requirements that you need to meet from an organization, or you may just desire to be fully covered so that you don’t bring anything home except stories and memories of a life-changing event!

Wherever your international travels bring you, the Travel & Immunization Clinic of Portland is here to serve you. We provide expert recommendations for travel health and immunizations that are just that: recommendations. With information from across the globe that is updated weekly, we are confident that we are sharing with you the most accurate info available, and preparing you for a safe and meaningful trip.

Based on your itinerary, we’ll outline all of your options for vaccines or medications, explain the benefits and possible drawbacks of each option, tell you how much these options cost, and let you make the final call. We want to assist you in making a thoughtful and educated decision to protect your health and safety on your trip.

Along with sharing up-to-date information and helping you prepare, we will give you a travel folder with all the information you need to stay on your feet; leaving you to do the work you’ve been called to do. We can also help you prepare a compact first-aid kit to make sure that nothing minor gets in the way of the mission at hand.

We love to educate you about staying healthy, and we’re experts at working with large groups. If you’re traveling with a group, ask us about our group discount and on-site services. We can bring our experts to you!

In order to serve well and do the greatest good, you have to be healthy. Visit TICP and let us help you help others. Call us to make an appointment today!

Do you have a COVID testing requirement for air or other travel?  We can provide expedited testing.  Contact us for more information.