Corporate Solutions

Do you or your employees represent your company abroad? At the Travel & Immunization Clinic of Portland, we take pride in readying your employees to travel safely, be prepared for their destination, and be on top of their game to represent you. It takes only a simple phone call to get an appointment scheduled quickly for those last minute trips. Let us know where they are traveling, and we’ll get them ready for it.

You may have a group of employees heading out to design a building, make decisions for finishing a project, or teaching a skill to other company representatives across the world. If that’s the case and you would like to arrange for us to come to your location to save valuable time and resources, give us a call and we will make it happen.

Corporate Direct Billing Options Available

At the Travel & Immunization Clinic of Portland, we offer direct billing services to Corporate Clients who use our services on a routine basis.  Whether you send company representatives abroad one at a time or in large groups, it simplifies the process immensely to setup direct billing for your company.  This saves the employees from “floating the expenses” on their personal credit cards, and it gives you a direct line to our clinic.  We can setup “approved” services for your employees and submit the invoices directly to your accounting department – streamlining the accounting side for your business and showing your employees that you care about them.

Our Location or Yours

Let’s face it – your time is valuable. We understand that. That’s why we are available to provide assistance right at your location. We can see your employees in a group, provide annual flu vaccinations, Hepatitis B immunizations for new employees, or simply take care of any medically-related company requirements for your employees. We’ll make it easy for you and your staff.

Physical Exams, Respiratory Fit testing, and other Occupational Health Services

The Travel & Immunization Clinic of Portland is a division of SphereMD. Throughout our divisions, we are able to provide a multitude of services for new employees, annual employee services, or specialty services related to specific corporate contracts. Whatever your need, we would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and strategize how to most cost-effectively meet that need. Some of our services include:

Fitness for duty and New Hire Exams

OSHA respiratory services

OSHA audio services, including hearing conservation program design

Diagnostic services – including labs and imaging services

Substances of Abuse testing


Employee Data Management Services

Infirmary and first aid monitoring and supply stocking

Case management and medical or case review services

Training services

Health & wellness services

Contact us today, and we will plan with you how to best serve the needs of your business and employees.

Services for Civilian Company Employees:

Traveling for business whether for brief meetings or extended periods can be risky. More importantly though, getting sick while traveling not only can impede your business objectives it can be risky and costly. Whether you’re an executive with meetings around the world, a logging company sending your employees to remote areas of the world for months at a time, or anywhere in between, the Travel and Immunization Clinic of Portland will ensure that you’re prepared to travel safely and healthy.

For employers – we can come on site for vaccine clinics and deployment examinations decreasing down time for your teams.

Why choose TICP:

Certified travel clinicians on staff

All vaccinations in stock

Destination specific assessment and guidance

Site visits available

Disease and illness prevention strategies

Clinicians experienced in fit for duty/deployment examinations

Do you have a COVID testing requirement for air or other travel?  We can provide expedited testing.  Contact us for more information.